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Everyone Cannot Go With You

When you are working on elevating yourself, you may lose some people and things along your journey. Losing friends and even family members who you thought would be there for you until the end. When you become attached to things in the physical world, these things can either keep you stagnate or be your downfall. Everyone CANNOT go with you on your journey when you're trying to level up. Let's say you encounter the death of a loved one. I help my clients to understand that it's ok to grieve. However, I also show them how they can annually celebrate the life of their loved one instead of annually grieving their death. This is one way you might be able to find yourself again. And gain a new power that helps you to elevate yourself and empower others through your story. Therefore, I teach my clients to hold on to their memories. But they will have to let go of their attachment to their guilt, pain & suffering in order to gain something greater. Understand this lesson and you will begin to see your blessings.

If you would like to learn how to let go of what no longer serves you, please make an appointment with me at

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