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                 A Certified Transformational Life and Health Coach.

I am a Certified Transformational Life & Health Coach, who also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a concentration in Mental Health.  As a HOLISTIC COACH, I work with individuals who struggle with tapping into their own ability to solve the challenges that emerge in their daily lifestyle.  Helping you improve your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.  I partner with you to find what needs to be nourished in your life.  So, you can elevate yourself into a lifestyle that is healthier, empowering, and more meaningful. 

                    I offer in-person & online coaching

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About us

I am a certified Transformation Coach who specializes in helping individuals use the correct tools to solve the challenges that emerge in their daily lifestyle.  Every coach is different, I excel in what I do because .........

Empowerment Packages
  • Transformational (90-Day Package)

  • Jump-Start Package

  • Meditation Package 

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News and Testimonials

"Having Shena as my coach, has helped me climb out of my dark hole during my loss.  I thought life was over.  Shena helped realize I wasn’t alone in this pain and suffering and there was a way out.  She gave me hope when I thought all was lost.  I still feel the pain sometimes, but with the valuable tools given to me during her program, I can walk through my dark times and embrace the light. " -Lani C.
"Coach Shena’s 90 Day Grief Relief Package has changed my life tremendously.  I have worked with coaches and they seemed to only be concerned about the money.   I am so grateful to have worked with you because you’ve always treated me with respect and actually cared for me as a person.   Before going through your program, I was depressed, suffered from insomnia, and never had the time to take care of ME.  Now I am more energetic, my sleep habits have improved, and I have fallen in LOVE with myself all over again.  Thank you.." -Jackie B.
"Before I started doing sessions with Coach Shena, I felt depressed, angry and unhappy.  Now, I am living my fullest life.  I have a new career that I love, and I am now able to cope and manage my stress & whatever other issues that may come my way.  What I love the most about Coach Shena is that she always held me accountable for reaching my highest potential." -T. Potter.
"I would recommend anyone who feels stuck in their life to seek Coach Shena because she has helped me to regain my power.  She encouraged me to set goals and whenever I felt like giving up she motivated me to move forward.  Shena coaches from a place of compassion and with such deep understanding, where I felt safe to be open and share my deepest emotions with her. -Sophia C.
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