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I am a Holistic Life Coach.  A Certified Transformational Life & Health Coach.

As a Holistic Life Coach, I work with individuals who struggle with tapping into their own ability to solve the challenges that emerge in their daily lifestyle.  I help you to become an empowered individual by allowing you to find what needs nourishing in your life.  Allowing you to heal yourself from destructive patterns.  And become more in-tuned with your inner self.  So you can elevate your life into one that is healthier, full of abundance, and more meaningful.

I create an environment that lets you see your internal and external blind spots that are holding you back.  Blind spots such as your beliefs, fears and self-doubts.  When you become aware of these blind spots, then you start to move towards happiness and fulfillment.

We all have freedom of choice:  And I choose compassion, love, and acceptance.  We MUST FORGIVE ourselves for our mistakes and learn from them.  Only then we can start to forgive others.  This is another way to begin the healing process.  


We all go through MENTAL pain.  But we can choose to use this pain as a reactor to propel you to where you need to be.  Again, it’s a choice:  You can let the pain drown you or let it motivate you.

I chose to become uplifted and help others.

Each time you interact with someone, you are either a CREATOR or a DESTROYER.  During your interaction, you must choose who you will become for the other individual.  Will you build them up?  Or will you tear them down?

Many of us are so afraid to confront our daily stressors or to even let anyone know that we are hurting.  And in trying to hide or bury our TRUTHS, we begin to wear so many masks that we no longer know who we really are anymore.  Then you start to become angry and depressed because you’ve lost yourself and you’re just out here faking it and that sucks your soul.

I always like to say:  We should NEVER let ANYONE change who you REALLY are.  In EVERY situation, BE TRUE TO YOURSELF.  You’re the one who has to sleep with yourself at night.  Once we start becoming HONEST with ourselves, you start to walk your true path.  Your tribe and teachers will start to show up.  You will eliminate many of the negative inner chatter.  And you will start to sleep better and become more energetic.

Once we KNOW what our GIFTS are, then you can begin to understand and excel in them & share your light with your family, friends and community.  And that’s when the REAL magic begins.  

YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE that you want to see in the WORLD.


So, STOP letting people dictate the way YOU should feel and live.  When you become in-tuned with your inner self, you will begin to TRUST and LOVE yourself more.  Becoming more empowered and elevated.  Leading you to live the abundant and exciting life that you were TRULY meant to LIVE!!!  



 Package Title:  Total Transformational         Program (90-Day Program)

 Package Ultimate Result:  Finding Your Power.


 Package Title: Transformational Jump-       Start  Program

 Package Ultimate Result:  Begin to   Learn How to Find Your Power.


 Package Title:  Meditation Program

 Package Ultimate Result: Meditate to   Find Inner Peace

But before we go any further, let me tell you how I got here as a HOLISTSIC Life Coach.




I was born in New York and when I was younger, we moved to St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  My siblings and I were raised by my mother and we were very close.  At the age of 14 my mother suddenly passed away, while she was pregnant.  A family “friend” came to my school and gathered my siblings together in a car and told us,  “Your mother has passed away.”  I was in total shock.  It felt like a dream, a nightmare that I wanted to wake up from.  I mean, I slept and woke up in my mom’s bed that morning.  Why didn’t she wake me up and say she wasn’t feeling well?  What could I have done to save my mother? 

After my mom’s funeral, The decision was made by our “guardians” as to where all my mother’s children would go.  Who will take whom?  Eventually, we were separated and lost contact with one another.  My older and younger sisters were shipped off to California to an aunt they had never met.  My brother went to St. Thomas with our step dad and I stayed in St. John with my grandmother.  I was totally devastated.  I loved my grandmother and I knew she loved me, but my mother was very affectionate and always told us that she loved us, at least once a day.  My grandmother was the total opposite.  She never told me she loved me, nor can I even remember getting a hug from her.  I started to become very angry and started to go down a destructive path.  I was fighting every day and skipping school.  I started smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol.  I was just out of control.  My grandmother couldn’t handle me anymore.  So, she said, Shena, you’re going to go live with your father in Georgia.


I graduated from Westlake High School in Georgia and I had my first child at 19 years old.  I became surrounded in the dark world and the thrill of it all was very exonerating.  I was wreck-less and didn’t care if I really lived or died.  I was on the steady path of making stupid decisions where others had to come and rescue me out of.  Eventually, I said to myself “Shena, this has to stop.  Ether you’re going to jail, or death will be at your doorstep.  You have a baby now and you must protect him at all cost”.  So, I jumped on a plane and moved back to St. John. 


Two more children and a mediocre job later.  I have made some serious changes in my life for the better.  I even went to the local Pastor for marriage counseling.  It was there, I realized that I had NEVER grieved my mom’s death.  I could remember crying one time in the shower the day she died.  But, I never really spoke about it to anyone and no one came to talk to us about it either.  So, I pushed it far back, way back, out of my mind and I carried on with my life.  During this counseling session, I cried like a baby, I felt so relieved.  I was thankful to the Pastor and called my siblings to conversate about our mother’s death.  Realizing that what we all needed as children were to be counselled in order to process what was happening and find out ways to deal with our pain and the new and abrupt changes we were going through.


Fast Forward:

I got a new career in the government sector that paid very well.  And to all my family and co-workers, I was known as the “Psychiatrist”.  People would come to my office and sit in my chair and start talking about their issues.  I would always listen and sometimes give good advice.  Strangers would come up to me and tell me some really personal and weird things about their lives.  And I’m like…..wait, what is this?  Why would this person be telling me their personal business like that and I have NEVER met them before?...”   It was pretty strange to me, until it just became my new NORM.  Things really started to look good for me and I was happy with my life.   And then BOOM, my world was turned upside down.


My second son died in 2015 in a terrible car accident.  When I got the news, it felt like I was dying myself.  I started to blame myself for his death because, maybe, just maybe if I had made him stay at home, he would still be alive.  Or maybe if I had picked him up myself and bring him home, he would still be alive.  It was these types of, what if, scenarios that played and replayed in my head over and over again.  The guilt was literally killing me, making me sick.  I started to drink a liter of Cruzan rum a day.  I would get up first thing in the morning and go for that rum bottle and my cranberry juice.  When alone, I would cry for hours.  I didn’t want to do anything other than lay in my son’s bed, crying and drinking all day.  I couldn’t eat, nor sleep and then I started to isolate myself.  I felt like I was losing my mind and that I wasn’t going to make it.  Felt like I was dying.  This went on for several months!!!!!!   Then one morning, I woke up from my normal drunken binge.  I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and I looked in the mirror.  I mean, I REALLY just started to stare deep into my eyes in the mirror.  I did this for about 5 minutes or so.  Then, I heard a voice say:  Catch yourself!!!!!!... Catch yourself SHENA!!!!!!... Catch your F’ING self SHENA!!!!!!...

That voice that I heard was actually me speaking.  I was like…..what the hell?  Then I started to repeat it over and over again, while still staring deep into my eyes in the mirror.  Catch yourself!!!!!!... Catch yourself SHENA!!!!!!...  I continued to say this to myself for several more minutes.  And when I was done, I brushed my teeth, took a shower and I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me.  I didn’t reach for my bottle of rum THAT morning.  I actually went out for a walk instead.  After that day, I started to meditate almost daily for about 30-40mins.  I talked to myself, A LOT!!!  And I was also answering back too..(LOL)… But as the days went on.  I started to pull myself out of that dark hole that I was in.  I went to see a therapist and I took my younger son as well.  I started to heal because I came to terms with myself that it was not my fault that my son had died.  It was his time and he had to move on.  The stronger I became, I was able to have meaningful conversations with my younger son about what was going on.  I had literally abandoned my youngest child throughout this whole thing.  I forgot that my other children were grieving as well and I had shut them out, leaving them to deal with this grief on their own.  After calling a family meeting where we all discussed what we were going through.  I began to say.  My son wouldn’t want us to be separated like this.  He would want us to continue supporting each other and living our lives to the fullest.  Just as we did when he was alive.  Having these small counselling sessions with my family, helped us to heal each other. 


Today, I am a Certified Transformational Life & Health Coach, a HOLISTIC Life Coach and I KNOW this was definitely my calling.  This is what I am supposed to do. To help others that are stuck in life and who are suffering in pain, to overcome it and empower themselves.


What's Makes Me Unique as a Coach?

I am a certified Transformational Life & Health Coach:  A HOLISTIC Life Coach and every coach is different.  However, I excel in what I do because I have been in a stagnate place of pain and suffering, but I overcame my destructive patterns and now lead a life full of spirit and empowerment.  Because I have been there, I coach from a place of compassion and understanding.  I collaborate with you to find out what it is that you want moving forward.  There’s a coach out there for everyone and if you don’t like the high energy coach that is in your face, telling you what to do, then I am the coach for you.

I will guide you through your journey, but it’s really YOU, who must walk through the fire in order to receive the adequate help that you need.  We will determine the biggest questions that you want to explore and create an experience for you, where you will arrive at your own answers based on what you believe will work best for you!!  And I will continue to hold you accountable for attaining your desired goals.  I will take you on a journey that will be tailored to where you are in this phase of your life.  In our work together, you will develop a clear vision of the beautiful, exciting, and purposeful life you truly deserve.  Moving you from where you are, to your successful future of where you want to be.

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