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Balance Your Aspects Within

Just as you cannot have night without the day. You cannot have positive without negative. We all have those positive sides that we love and we try to put on display in front of others. While we may try to shun the negative parts of ourselves, keeping it well hidden from the public eye. One must learn how to balance both the positive and negative sides of themselves. Or balancing the feminine and masculine aspects within. Because there will be times, we may need our dark side to help us out of a situation. Becoming heated and defending your rights, might be well needed, and also justified (masculine aspect). When we are being ill-treated, using this anger to protest could bring about great changes. But we would put that anger aside when nurturing and/or disciplining a child (feminine aspect). So, learn to embrace all attributes of yourself and know when its the right time to use them. Because those aspects are who YOU are. If you would like to learn how to balance the light and dark within, please make an appointment with me at

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