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Learn How to Communicate

Sometimes we can be so protective of the people we love. If they come to you with a complaint, you may want to automatically run to defend them right away without even hearing the other side of the story. What someone says and what the other person hears can be two different things. I teach my clients that they need to see the different sides or perception of the story before you react. This is also because two people can hear or read the EXACT same message but receive two different reflections or perception of that message. This is where communication is broken, causing calamity and chaos between individuals, DESTROYING relationships. Therefore, take the time to communicate what you are feeling and experiencing. Then relate this to the other person, asking them what they heard you say. Doing this can help the individual to fully understand your message and what you are saying in that moment. If we can learn to do this when speaking with others, many relationships can change for the better. Even enemies can become good friends just by doing this. If you would like to learn how to express to others EXACTLY what you are experiencing, please make an appointment with me at

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