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Reach Out to a Loved One

As we get older, we move out of our parents’ home. We may even get married, have children of our own and we basically go on about our merry way doing what is important to us. However, sometimes we forget to take the time out to give our loved ones a call or even stop by to give them a visit. Just to check in on them, or to chat and catch up on old times. Reaching out to others who might be lonely or in their time of need is very important. There are many people who are suffering in silence. Whether it’s from the loss of a loved one, or an individual feeling as though the world is against them, or whatever it is that’s causing you to feel alone and fearful. There are individuals who are in serious pain, and they may be afraid to seek the help they need. Remember, Pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice. So please stop suffering alone. There are trained individuals in your community who are willing to help you. No man is an island. Please let’s continue to support each other in our community. Also, if you know someone that needs help, try speaking with them about getting the help they need. If would like to learn how you can begin to relieve your pain and suffering, please make an appointment with me at

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