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Rumors, rumors, rumors!!! Oh boy, we have all probably experienced the mess of being in the center of a hot juicy gossip that's being passed around. The juicier the rumor is, the more information gets added to it and it circulates even faster. As humans, when you hear the hurtful and deceitful lies, people have created against you, it can make you angry. And it may cause you to want to respond in a negative manner. However, I tell my clients that whenever you hear a rumor about you, it's ok to feel how you feel about it. I want you to experience whatever emotions you’re feeling. Whether you're hurt, angry or sad. However, don't allow those feelings to pack a bag and set up shop in your mind. You HAVE to Let it go!!! Release those feelings and understand that people will talk. There are some people who are on Earth, to do just that!! That might be THEIR path. So let them continue to be who they are and you do something else. DO NOT let rumors crush your spirit. Use that energy to do something constructive such as to push you forward in achieving your goals. If you would like to learn how to throw out the bad tenants in your mind, please make an appointment with me at

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