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Build Your Living Legacy

If you were to leave this earth today, what would your family and friends say about you? What legacy are you leaving behind? Is it one of love, compassion, and unity? Where you will be talked about for generations after generations? Remembered long after you're gone, where the family will talk about how funny you were. Or how they loved to eat your collard greens or your stuffed salmon. How far does your living legacy web goes? Is it just to immediate family and close friends? Or does it go out to your neighborhood or your community? Being wealthy & successful is not just about the MONEY. But it includes building on the famliy and social structures that you establish and leave behind, for others to benefit from. Be kind to each other and EVERYONE you meet, so you can stay alive in the hearts of your loved ones and people whom you might not even remember. This way, you will be remembered long after you have departed. If you would like to learn how to build your living legacy, please make an appointment with me at

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