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Get Off the Hamster Wheel

We all like nice things. We may see someone with a nice car and we say, "WOW!!!! I would like to have one of those!" And there is nothing wrong with that. The problem occurs when we begin to compare ourselves to others. When we begin to measure our happiness and our value by the things we gain (MONEY, CARS, SHOES, ETC.). When we compare ourselves to others, we are in a continuous cycle of ‘keeping up, with the JONESES’. When we do this, we can never really enjoy what we have because the ‘JONESES’ just got a new ‘SOMETHING’, that glitters in your eyes, so you have to get a BETTER one. You then become like a hamster on the wheel. ALWAYS chasing paper (money) and chasing the next best thing (new iPhone, hottest fashion, name brand bags, etc.). Never finding happiness, but only sadness & misery. If you wish for nice things or to become wealthy, use what you have seen others do to inspire you to get there. But just in your own original way. Have your own style!!! If you would like to learn how to slow down and get off the hamster wheel, please make an appointment with me at

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