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Push Past Your Fears

I am claustrophobic, which means that I fear being in small tight spaces. I don’t like to be on elevators, I hate to fly, especially on small planes and I don’t like to be in crowds. And this fear amplifies if the weather bears even the slightest of warmth. Whenever I am in tight spaces my nose becomes blocked, I begin to become congested, hot, and I literally feel like I CANNOT breathe. However, I still go on crowded elevators, and fly on small planes because sometimes I have to travel for business, visit family, or just for fun. It’s much easier for me to stay in my fears and tell myself that I am claustrophobic and decide not to take any trips or not be around crowds of people. However, when I tackle my fears head on, it shows me that the fear of being in tight spaces is only in my mind. Therefore, I teach my clients that taking small steps to push past their fears will help you begin to conquer them. Sometimes the barrier between you and your dreams is FEAR. Fear of the unknown or the fear of pushing forward can really cripple your progress. Even the fear of failure can destroy your dreams before you even take the first step. You have the power to do ANYTHING!!! So get up, go out there, and fight past your fears and take the necessary steps towards achieving your dreams!!! When we push past those fears, we begin to see that there was nothing to really fear, to begin with. If you would like to learn how to get past your fears so you can achieve your goals, please make an appointment with me at

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