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Surviving the Death of a Loved One

Surviving the death of a loved one is NEVER easy. The strong one in the family will continue to be the shoulder for everyone else to cry on. But whose shoulder does the strong person have to cry on? Who can they turn to when they want to release some of their grief? After the death of a loved one, we may take on the burden of guilt and pain that comes along with a death. Causing you to spiral into a deep abyss where you don’t know if you will ever see your way out. I tell my clients that even the strongest person needs someone they can trust and lean on as well. And although, no one can tell you when you should stop grieving. Or how long it will take for you to come to terms with your loss. You MUST know that you will have to embrace and face the pain of it all. Which might also include telling others that you CANNOT be their support system today. This is so you can begin to release unnecessary pain, such as guilt and blame. Understanding that it’s ok to move forward, bringing joy back into your life. But knowing that your loved one will NEVER be forgotten, because their memories have been embedded into your heart. If you would like to learn how to move through the stages of grief, please make an appointment with me at

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