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Become like the Sun

Sometimes you can see the clouds trying to overpower the sun, it hides the sun for a moment.  However, the sun is so powerful that the light will fight to still shine through so beautifully.  Some friends in your life are like the clouds, they try to dim your light. And some are genuinely happy for you when good things come into your life.  Pay attention to the ones who are on the sidelines snickering about your happiness or downfall.  However, you must become like the sun.  Powerful and a fighter!!!!  So, please continue to shine your light, especially during the times you feel betrayed.  Those people who cannot find it within themselves to be happy for others are not happy with themselves.  Therefore, to allow THEM to dim your light is NEVER an option!!!  Keep on being who you are and let your light and happiness be infectious to EVERYONE in your path.   If you would like to learn how to focus on the positivity around you, contact me at

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